How to Boost Your Payments Revenue Share (hint…don’t focus on revenue)

Payments can be a key driver of recurring revenue for any software platform. That’s why it’s important to understand the ins-and-outs of this revenue stream to maximize its potential. Missing the oppo...

Magnetic stripes are retiring. What does that mean for businesses?

For most consumers, it’s second nature to dip or tap a payment card at a terminal to complete a sale. But not too long ago, payments were all about the swipe.

Has COVID-19 changed customer payments forever?

The onset of COVID-19 upended “normal” life as behaviors including social distancing and masking-up became part of our daily routines. It also created significant, and perhaps permanent, changes to ho...

The Big World of Small Ticket Interchange (Card-Present Edition)

Accepting credit card payments comes at a price for businesses, no matter their size or who they serve. For merchants that primarily process small ticket transactions (total sales price of less than $...

Common Types of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is an expansive (and sometimes confusing) topic that affects countless consumers and the payments ecosystem as a whole.

The Dos and Don’ts of Integrated Payments

The term “integrated payments” comes up frequently in the payments world. But what does it mean?

Credit Card Interchange Downgrades Explained

The cost of accepting credit card payments can be significant for businesses of all types and sizes. Several fees contribute to the cost of payment processing, but interchange is the most significant ...

BottlePos Partners with Paystri for Integrated Payments

About the Partnership BottlePos, an innovator in point of sale (POS) technology for liquor stores, is now partnering with Paystri for integrated payments. The partnership gives BottlePos users access ...

Top 8 Payment Processing Acronyms

Payment processing has its own vocabulary and acronyms play a big role. Here are eight commonly used payment processing acronyms to help guide you through the jargon without the confusion.

Delivering a Better User Experience with Integrated Payments

Independent software vendors (ISVs) build solutions that are designed to help businesses maximize their potential, from streamlining daily operations to delivering the best user experience (UX) possib...

Mynt and Paystri Form Integrated Payments Partnership

About the Partnership Mynt, a leading provider of point of sale (POS) technology for retailers and restaurants, is now partnering with Paystri for integrated payments. The partnership gives Mynt’s cli...

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