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 With our secure and seamless payment solutions optimized for the ticketing and events industry, you can provide your customers with an excellent experience. Paystri is more than a processor, our solutions help you streamline operations and grow your business.




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Accelerate Growth with a Flexible Payments Strategy

Cash Discount Program

Ditch Processing Costs

A cash discount program works by giving your clients the option of paying with cash or credit. When a customer pays in cash, they enjoy a lower price. When customers pay with a credit card, they pay a slightly higher price, which includes your processing fee.

Because of the benefits, many different types of businesses, such as amusement parks and event venues choose to cash discount to eliminate costs.

The main reason businesses convert to a cash discount program is that they may eliminate most, if not all, of their credit card processing costs.

Small Ticket Program

Avoid Paying High Interchange Costs

Paystri works with amusement parks and event venues to ensure transparent pricing and strategies to keep fees at a minimum. We begin with a complimentary processing statement analysis. We then prescribe custom pricing to provide a comprehensive plan for our laundry customers' goals.

Our exclusive Paystri Small Ticket Program will radically reduce the wholesale cost of accepting credit cards for operators with an average transaction under $10. Reduces cost of interchange by an average of 23% saving you 16 cents a transaction.

Simple Solutions

Online Ticketing

Paystri can help your park or venue streamline operations by providing online reservations, ticketing, and payments. Our scalable online ticketing solution can help you maximize revenue by minimizing unsold inventory and improve customer experience by reducing wait times.

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Flexible Features

Accepting payments is not a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why we customize our price to your business's specific requirements. We begin by evaluating recent payment processing records to understand your current pricing strategy and discover cost-saving opportunities.

Industry-leading payment solutions

custoemr success
All Human

Customer Sucess

Our in-house, all-human Customer Success team is accessible around-the-clock to provide strategic support for your payments-related questions. We know that the world of payment processing can be overwhelming so we take a hands-on, white-glove approach to managing your account and guiding you through your options.

We start by asking the right questions about your business and then helping you figure out which of the hundreds of terminal and POS systems are best for you.

For example, we can walk you through a thorough side-by-side cost savings analysis and help you select the right products and services to scale your amusement park or event venue. 

Retail POS Terminals

Point of Sale Made Easy

Simplify your entertainment business with a POS system designed especially for amusement parks and event venues.  We partner with industry leaders and consult with thousands of parks and venues nationwide. 

Clover Station Duo

Designed for Venues

Generic POS systems meant to cater to any business do not meet the distinct intricacies of the ticketing industry. This is why, in order to optimize management, increase revenue, and simplify employee and transactions, operators require a POS system designed specifically for amusement parks and event venues.


POS provides a simple platform for monitoring transactions, improving customer experience and even collecting customer information. Making sure your POS is easy to use for your employees is important to seamless business operations. The less time you need to spend training new employees on the system and the fewer issues your team has, the more time your team can spend on sales and talking to customers.

No-hassle transactions

Consumers that have a smooth, no-hassle transaction procedure are more likely to become repeat customers, increasing client loyalty to your laundromat. If it is not user-friendly, it might have the opposite effect, deterring customers and resulting in fewer transactions.

Helen Water Park Case Study

Learn how Helen Water Park saved 70k in fees in one year since making the switch to Paystri. 


What Our Customers Say

"Best merchant processing company we have ever used. They are exactly what they promise to be."

Sparklean Laundry

"Very reasonable rates, useful features and easy to use, plus their customer service has been great!"

A Photographic Memory

"For merchant processing, my only phone call is to Paystri. Since I started referring clients, Paystri has provided education as well as outstanding, over the top 24/7 local service - something I've never experienced!"

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"Honest and they operate with integrity. No hidden fees or misrepresentation. I would highly recommend Paystri if you are looking for a merchant processing company that’s truly a pleasure to work with."

Sparklean Laundry

"Friendly staff and quite proficient!"

Caribbean Coin Laundry

"Excellent customer service. Always professional, kind, and efficient!"

Town Cleaners

"Whether it's meeting tight deadlines for account approvals or the onsite account set up and installation - Paystri has done it all. In my opinion, Paystri is the best credit card processing company in New England - bar none!"

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