Customer Spotlight: SomerSplash

Learn how SomerSplash accelerated online ticketing and payments from 30% to 80% of sales in a single season.


Open since 2006, SomerSplash is a waterpark located in Somerset, Kentucky. The park operates annually from Memorial Day to Labor Day, serving the local community and regional tourists.



The park's previous ticketing and payments solution worked for in-person sales, but didn't provide the capabilities needed for easy online transactions. Upon realizing its pressing need for online reservations, ticketing, and payments, SomerSplash began researching new options designed to grow with their business.


After an extensive evaluation process, SomerSplash selected Gatemaster as its online ticketing provider. Doing so allowed the park to sell season passes and daily tickets online, and provided the ability to reserve cabanas and party space. Adding these capabilities eased the staffing requirements for in-person transactions and also allowed the park to boost revenue by maximizing inventory. "Our cabanas were rented almost every day last season and party rentals are much easier to manage," says Sims.


In addition, Gatemaster empowered the park to move concession sales online, busting lines and creating more convenient guest experiences. "The most important thing is simplicity," explains Sims. "The easier it is, the better it is for everyone involved."

Adding payment processing from Paystri completed the integration. For the 2021 season, SomerSplash reports a surge of online ticketing and payments.


"In 2020, online transactions accounted for about 30% of sales," says David Sayers, IT Manager for City of Somerset. "In 2021, it was closer to 80%."


With its newfound ability to scale operations via Gatemaster and Paystri, SomerSplash is in the process of expanding its season by adding an ice skating rink in the winter months. The plan is to replicate the waterpark model with online reservations for specific entry times and digitizing all ticketing and payments.


Customer Spotlight At-A-Glance



In-Person Transactions

Limited online ticketing and payments capabilities

Maximizing Revenue

Eliminating unsold inventory

Staffing Requirements

Employees needed to process in-person sales


Solutions expand seamlessly as business grows

Lost Sales

After-hours inquiries resulted in missed revenue

Better Customer Experiences

Online transactions reduce wait times