Why Integrated Payments Deserve a Spot on Your Roadmap

Or is it time to reevaluate your existing integrated payment partnership? With near constant industry M&A activity that can dramatically change your level of support and hardware availability shor...

Is Accepting Cryptocurrency Right for Your Business?

The good news is cryptocurrency has entered mainstream financial markets and is no longer the complete unknown it once was. For now at least, it looks like cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Why Integrated Payment Partnerships Go Sour

Poor Customer Support As any ISV whose been burned by lack of support can tell you, top-notch customer service is as important as the technology behind any integrated payment solution. It’s critical t...

How the Microchip Shortage Affects Credit Card Payments

Headlines about the semiconductor chip shortage are hard to ignore. The imbalance of supply and demand is impacting all aspects of consumers’ lives, from the availability of electronics to the product...

Shifting Card Acceptance Costs to Consumers

Card processing fees are an unavoidable cost for most businesses. Despite the convenience that payment cards provide to customers, they can also impose substantial costs on underlying businesses.

How a credit card payment works (in 7 easy steps)

Dipping a payment card into a credit card reader or submitting payment information online are second nature to consumers. But what happens after that card information is captured? It triggers a sequen...

Magnetic stripes are retiring. What does that mean for businesses?

For most consumers, it’s second nature to dip or tap a payment card at a terminal to complete a sale. But not too long ago, payments were all about the swipe.

Has COVID-19 changed customer payments forever?

The onset of COVID-19 upended “normal” life as behaviors including social distancing and masking-up became part of our daily routines. It also created significant, and perhaps permanent, changes to ho...

The Big World of Small Ticket Interchange (Card-Present Edition)

Accepting credit card payments comes at a price for businesses, no matter their size or who they serve. For merchants that primarily process small ticket transactions (total sales price of less than $...

Common Types of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is an expansive (and sometimes confusing) topic that affects countless consumers and the payments ecosystem as a whole.

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