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Cleantie and Paystri Enter Integrated Payments Partnership

Cleantie, an independent software vendor (ISV) that serves the laundry and drycleaning industries, has announced an integration with Paystri.

The partnership makes payments acceptance easy and affordable for Cleantie's clients.

About the Partnership

Cleantie, a leading provider of technology for the dry cleaning, laundromat, clothes alteration, and shoe repair industry, is now partnering with Paystri for integrated payments. The partnership enables Cleantie’s clients to accept customer payments seamlessly and at an affordable price.

Dry cleaning, laundry, and alteration businesses use Cleantie Software to run, manage, report, and grow. The Cleantie Platform offers Cleantie POS App which is fast with an intuitive design for modern large or small businesses. They also offer the Cleantie Driver App which is a complete and comprehensive route planning system with optimization technology.  This App is used to cut down on operating costs, reduce drive time & mileage, and improve customer service. It’s easy for anyone to use as it works across PC, tablet, and smartphone devices. Features include:

  • Integrated order entry
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Access to complete customer order history
  • Integrated shipping and tracking
  • Friendly tech support
  • Cloud-based shop management
  • Workflow management tools
  • Estimate-to-order conversion with integrated email approval

Paystri partners with ISVs like Cleantie to offer its customers seamlessly integrated payment experiences. No matter what market the ISV serves, Paystri's solutions can be customized to meet the specific needs of ISVs and their customers, delivering a personalized payment experience.

“Cleantie is entirely focused on improving the daily operations of dry-cleaners and laundry owners,” explains Al Anjavi, CEO of Cleantie. By partnering with an integrated payments provider with deep experience in the laundry space, we are able to deliver incredible value to the people who really need it. Integrated payments are a natural extension of our full-service offering. Paystri’s solutions integrate seamlessly with our technology to accept and account for customer payments quickly and easily. The payment technologies and comprehensive support services will both enhance our customer experiences and enable us to further our goal.”

Customers of Cleantie have 24/7 access to the Customer Success team at Paystri, which includes payment specialists, for service and support. In order to help laundry business owners better understand and control the expenses of accepting payments, the partnership also offers business owners the ability to offset their processing costs entirely through a product known as Cash Discount. Chris Wheeler, President of Paystri, comments, "We are proud of the ongoing success we have achieved as a result of our fantastic partners recognizing the value our organization provides in offering seamless integrated payment solutions, a passion for the laundry vertical, and collective customers we serve.”

About Cleantie 

Cleantie cloud-based POS is the latest offering from Computer Systems International (CSI). Cleantie offers a suite of cloud-based solutions for Dry Cleaning, Laundromat, Clothing Alterations, and Shoe Repair. Cleantie is modernizing today's corporate systems by providing numerous business benefits over traditional desktop applications.

Since 1997, Computer Systems International (CSI) has been a leading developer of POS, Back office, Wireless, Web, App, and Enterprise Software Suites and has been committed to providing reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use point-of-sale software for Dry Cleaning, Laundromat, Alteration, and Shoe Repair. 


Headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, Paystri is a payment processing and integrated payment solutions company serving integrated software vendors, technology companies, and merchants. Their payment experts are dedicated to optimizing payment acceptance and processing infrastructure with the goal of driving revenue for customers. Paystri partners with independent software vendors (ISVs) to monetize payments in their software. The Paystri Payment Platform is purpose-built for ISVs and empowers developers to deliver a complete software offering that includes fully integrated, omnichannel payment processing. Paystri collaborates with ISVs to design and integrate optimized payment solutions that are customized for their software and its users. For more information, please visit, email or call 978-744-9090.

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