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Mobile Payment Face-Off: Clover Go vs Cardpointe

Compare Clover Go and Cardpointe's mobile payment apps - weighing factors like user interface, features, pricing, and payment processing to help small businesses determine the right solution.

Small businesses today need mobile solutions to accept payments on the go. Two popular mobile payment apps are Clover Go and Cardpointe. While both enable businesses to take card payments with a smartphone or tablet, there are some key differences merchants should consider.

User Interface

Clover Go provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface optimized for Clover's hardware and software ecosystem. Menus and navigation are streamlined to facilitate transactions and reporting. Cardpointe's mobile app also aims for an easy-to-use experience but has its own unique layout and design tailored to its platform.


As an end-to-end solution, Clover Go includes robust features beyond payments, like inventory and employee management, customer engagement tools, and quick access to data from integrated Clover POS systems. Cardpointe focuses more exclusively on payment acceptance, including virtual terminal capabilities, customizable reporting, and integrations with CardConnect's payment gateways.


Clover Go has upfront hardware costs of $175 per card reader. Monthly fees vary based on plan options and value-added services. It also charges a TransArmor fee and a Clover Go fee per month. Cardpointe requires $135 for a card reader with fewer recurring fees beyond that. Both solutions have monthly fees and transaction rates that differ depending on business requirements and payment volume. Agents can provide customized quotes for monthly costs based on each merchant's unique needs.

Payment Processing

A key advantage of Clover Go is its tight integration with Clover's end-to-end payment infrastructure. This makes transaction processing seamless but can limit compatibility with external processors. In contrast, Cardpointe offers native integration with CardConnect's gateways and merchant accounts, with more flexibility to use external processing if desired.

Ultimately, the ideal mobile solution depends on your business needs. If you want a full-featured POS ecosystem, Clover Go could be a great fit. Cardpointe offers more payment processing flexibility for those who need it. Carefully compare capabilities, costs, and hardware/software integration to select the best provider for accepting payments on the go.

Why Choose Paystri?

When it comes to selecting a payment processor like Clover or CardConnect, it pays to look beyond just the mobile app and consider the full solution. Paystri stands out as a top choice for your payment processing needs due to its exceptional customer support and transparency. Paystri delivers real, dedicated customer service with US-based representatives who answer 90% of calls in under 30 seconds. You won't get stuck in an automated phone maze. Paystri also provides straightforward pricing with no hidden fees or surprise rate hikes. Detailed reporting provides full visibility into your transactions. Ultimately, by prioritizing customer service and transparency in its payment processing solutions, Paystri takes the guesswork and headaches out of managing payments so you can focus on running your business. For a seamless payment experience, you can rely on, choose Paystri.


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