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Paystri is a proud sponsor of Wnet, the Women’s Network for Electronic Transactions. We support this non-profit organization’s members, staff, and volunteers in its mission of empowering women in the payments industry.

On June 25, 2020, Wnet launched its Boston chapter with the virtual event, “Advancing Your Leadership Edge”. Here are key takeaways from the discussion. Click here to watch the full recording.

Embrace the 2D World We’re Living In

COVID-19 and social distancing forced us to move away from 3D collaboration and networking. In-person meetings, office interactions, lunches, and events are on hold and we don’t know when they’ll return. It’s imperative to embrace 2D channels like chat and video calls to connect personally and professionally.

Evaluate Your Physical Environment

For all that we can’t control right now, our digital presence is something we can. For example, the physical background you present on video calls reveals your personality and interests. Audit your at-home work environment regularly to ensure that it conveys your most authentic self.

Show Up On-Camera

Your on-camera physical presence (eye contact, attire, voice, and engagement level) can make the difference between standing out and fading into the background. It might seem unnatural at first, but with practice it becomes second nature. Overcoming shyness and putting yourself out there is a skill that takes time to perfect. Perform regular self-assessments and ask trusted colleagues for feedback so you can hone your camera presence over time.

Choose the Right Communication Channels

Now more than ever, there’s no shortage of communication channels to collaborate with colleagues. So which ones work best? The answer is it depends on your organization and what that community is willing to embrace. If communication isn’t flowing well in one channel, it’s time to change it up and try a new one.

And Finally…

We’re all living in a new normal and adapting quickly to a new way of doing business. Despite its drawbacks, there are positives we can take away from this experience. The key is to identify those positives and keep them moving forward into the future, whatever it may hold.

This event was made possible by Paystri, JP Morgan Chase, Global Payments, and Avidia Bank.


Carol Grunberg

Former Wnet President; GM of Money Movement and Innovation at Northwestern Mutual

Elizabeth Lions

Career Coach; Women’s Leadership Development Coach; President of Lionsology


Jack Connors

Head of Commerce Partnerships at Google Pay