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PriceIt Software, a leading provider of technology for the screen printing and embroidery industry, is now partnering with Paystri for integrated payments. The partnership enables PriceIt Software’s clients to accept customer payments seamlessly and at an affordable price.

Screen printing and embroidery shops use PriceIt Software to streamline operations and improve communication. PriceIt Master offers a full suite of powerful features for larger organizations, and PriceIt Starter is designed for smaller businesses and shops transitioning from paper to digital management. Features include:

  • Integrated order entry
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Access to complete customer order history
  • Integrated shipping and tracking
  • Friendly tech support
  • Cloud-based shop management
  • Workflow management tools
  • Bi-directional artwork approval
  • Estimate-to-order conversion with integrated email approval

Paystri partners with independent software vendors (ISVs) like PriceIt to deliver seamlessly integrated payment experiences to their clients. Paystri’s solutions can be tailored to the unique needs of ISVs and their clients, ensuring a custom payment experience no matter what market the ISV serves.

“PriceIt Software is built to simplify business operations for screen printing and embroidery shop owners,” explains Ron Bascom, CEO of PriceIt Software. “Partnering with Paystri takes that one step further by improving how our software clients accept payments from their customers. Paystri makes it easy and affordable, with the additional bonus of expert support from Paystri’s in-house Customer Success team.”

Jonathan Arst, Founder and CEO of Paystri, adds, “PriceIt Software is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of screen printing and embroidery shops. Paystri’s integrated payment solutions complement this philosophy with our custom-tailored approach. We collaborate with partners like PriceIt to understand the needs of their clients and deliver solutions that are designed to reduce the friction often associated with accepting and managing customer payments."

About PriceIt Software

PriceIt Software was born over 20 years ago by Ron Bascom. An owner of a screen printing and embroidery business, Ron needed to manage workflows and communication more efficiently at his shop. He discovered there was no solution designed specifically for the industry that could handle order entry, quotes, invoices, work orders, scheduling, inventory, and shipping. In response, Ron developed in-house software to better serve his business and customers. The software was so successful that, after consulting with industry peers, Ron began marketing the software to like-minded businesses and PriceIt Software was born. With over two decades of customer-focused evolution, PriceIt helps screen printing and embroidery companies maximize efficiency, streamline communication, and save money.

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