Paystri is partnering with Designer Advantage to deliver smart, strategic payment solutions to interior design businesses. The partnership is built with the goal of offering strategies and solutions that help drive profitability, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline operations for Designer Advantage’s clients.

Designer Advantage’s software allows interior designers to create photo-rich client estimates, send documents direct to clients via email, track and invoice billable time, and create vendor purchase orders with one click. All progress is tracked seamlessly and users can access a variety of real-time reports quickly and easily. The solution is fully cloud based and compatible with QuickBooks.

Paystri's innovative payments technology will complement Designer Advantage’s software with lightning-fast payment transactions, frictionless onboarding, and best-in-class customer support. Jonathan Arst, Founder and CEO of Paystri, says, “We are excited to partner with the team at Designer Advantage to help them grow their business through enhanced payment processing solutions for their interior design customers."

Marc Molinsky, CEO and Founder of Designer Advantage, adds, "The demand for integrated payments has been growing for some time. Our designers have unique needs when it comes to payments. Paystri was able to come in and cover all of our needs with a simple integration. Like everything else we do here, this will make it easier for our clients to run their businesses."

Read the press release.

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