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Learn about our history and vision for the future of payments technology in the words of our Founder and CEO, Jonathan Arst. The interview, published by Boston Voyager, covers everything from the inception of Merchant Consulting Group / MCG (now Paystri) to thoughts on our office headquarters located in Salem, Massachusetts. Here's a quick recap of highlights from the interview.

How Jonathan Got His Start in the Payments Industry
Jonathan's first stint in the payments industry was with a (now) competitor. He became a top-three producer on that sales team within the first month. 

His Realization

By the end of his first year working in the payments industry, Jonathan understood the potential to capitalize on the healthy margins inherent in payment processing. But along with that potential, he also observed some of the worst customer service imaginable. Looking to correct that disparity, Jonathan started his own payments company originally named Merchant Consulting Group / MCG (now Paystri).

What Sets Paystri Apart from the Competition

While the name of the business may have changed, Jonathan's commitment to merchants of all sizes, independent software vendors (ISVs), developers, and financial institutions has not wavered. Many clients come to Paystri with negative experiences from their previous providers. Common complaints include not receiving the cost savings they were promised, lackluster customer support, and loss of contact once the contract is signed and the payment terminals are delivered. 

Paystri is different. Since its inception in 2005, the company has never wavered from its commitment to delivering fully-customized strategic payment processing solutions to its diverse community of clients. Paystri drives profitability and customer satisfaction by delivering streamlined payments infrastructure combined with best-in-class customer service. By maintaining the highest standards of customer service and support, Paystri truly sets itself apart from the competition. 

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