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Boost Your Revenue with Sales and Marketing Support

Taking your software company to the next level requires more than great tech. Paystri offers strategic guidance, co-marketing efforts, and awesome customer support to drive revenue.

As a software developer, you likely got into this business because you love coding and creating innovative solutions. However, building a successful software company requires more than just great technology - it also needs effective sales and marketing efforts to get your product in front of the right audiences. Partnering with a payment processor like Paystri that provides sales and marketing support can give your software business the boost it needs to maximize revenue.

Strategic Guidance from the Pros

First and foremost, Paystri is a unique payment processor that can provide strategic guidance to help grow your software company. We have built, run, and sold SaaS companies ourselves, so we understand the challenges developers face and can offer actionable advice. For instance, Paystri can help you identify ideal customer profiles, craft targeted messaging, establish pricing models that convert, and implement sales funnels that drive new business. With this kind of expertise guiding your sales and marketing strategy, you'll be better positioned to attract customers and generate recurring revenue.

Co-created Marketing Content and Joint Campaigns

SDAIn addition, partnering with  Paystri gives you access to co-created marketing content and joint campaign efforts. We have just as much interest in promoting your software as you do, so collaborating on marketing materials, email campaigns, events, and more is mutually beneficial. When you combine your product and industry expertise with our marketing resources and audience reach, you get the best of both worlds to boost awareness and drive sales.

Awesome Customer Support

On top of sales and marketing assistance, superior customer support is key to retaining happy customers and driving referrals. Look for a payment processor that can provide friendly, knowledgeable, real-human support to your customers when needed. Things like short call waiting times and US-based reps create a stellar customer experience that makes customers (and their wallets) stick around. Paystri excels in customer service. 93% of Paystri calls are answered in 30 seconds or less and it takes an average of only 6.83 minutes for Paystri to handle a service issue. Plus, Paystri has a 4.6 average Google review. Beware of payment processors that don't list a phone number. 

Paystri Customer Success

Ease of Onboarding 

With Paystri, you get a seamless onboarding experience from application to processing. We help your customers get up and running quickly through self-registration and fast approvals. Paystri goes through underwriting upfront which takes about 24 hours, but it means you'll get funded the very next day. Next-day funding gives your customers fast access to their hard-earned money, freeing up cash flow. Our streamlined onboarding and funding help you start processing payments and making money right away. Beware of payment processors that offer instant merchant provisioning - this often means they approve you instantly without going through full underwriting upfront. Then after the instant approval, they go through full underwriting which takes 5-7 days before you receive your first deposit.

Seamless Payment Integration

Of course, killer sales and marketing won't mean much if your payment integration is difficult to work with and integrate with. You need a payment partner who can make accepting payments feel seamless, not like a hurdle. Your software should shine while payments disappear into the background.

Running a software business means a lot of competition. You need every possible advantage to profitably grow at scale. Teaming up with a payment processor who's invested in your success through robust sales, marketing, and customer support gives your software company the edge it needs to max out revenue. They bring marketing savvy, you bring tech genius - it's a match made in software heaven. Together you can achieve truly transformative growth.

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