Cash Discount is an alternative to traditional payments acceptance programs that can dramatically reduce credit card and debit card processing fees. 

Benefits of Cash Discount


Incentivize Cash Payments

Cash Discount from Paystri allows your business to easily apply a discounted price for customers paying with cash. A small service charge is included in pricing for card payments, which offsets the cost of processing fees. 


Transparent Pricing

We make it easy to communicate Cash Discount at your business. Signs for windows, doors, and cash registers are provided to all businesses using Cash Discount so customers become aware at the first point of contact. 


No Commitment

If you aren't happy with Cash Discount, you can switch back to your previous payments acceptance program at any time. You can also choose to bypass Cash Discount for select customers of your choosing. 

Ready for Cash Discount?

The benefits of Cash Discount are real and can save your business money.

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